Quality and Service are our Guarantees

Quality Connections Australia is a manufacturer and wholesaler of Manchester products,  we offer a huge range of Sheets, towels and other products to meet your needs at home.


Established in 2006, we deal directly with Manufacturers and Wholesalers to provide the best deals possible, keeping in mind the changing trends, we have been able to grow and serve the Australian community while expanding our focus in New Zealand as well.


Today, we are vertically integrating and expanding our manufacturing base to maintain the highest quality of products to better serve our customers, and increase the variety of goods we can offer, despite having a huge range of products available though our network of wholesalers and manufacturers.


The majority of our products are mainly sourced from manufacturers that meet the highest Australian and International standards for textile products, including the Oeko-Tex - Standard 100 requirement, providing the highest quality textile products at highly competitive prices.

(Since 2006)

Contact Us:

Postal Address: P.O Box 3017, Regents Park, 2143, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Email: info@qualityconnection.com.au

ABN: 68 122 988 041

All Types of Textile Products

Our factory can produce fabrics based on your requirements, where we deal in all kinds of fabrics including 100% Cotton, Polyester cotton, Jacquard and Twill customized based on our client's specifications, with a focus on quality and output time.

All Types of Leather Products

Our partner tanners produce state of the art leather from Cow, Sheep and Goat hides to preserve the unique quality of each breed of aminal, where each skin brings a unique quality preserved in time.